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XenForo Passwords.

The hashing algorithm for XenForo passwords in newauth.php is incorrect. This is already fixed for the next build but, posting it here so others know about it, and can patch it themselves immediately.

Download, extract, and upload the provided newauth.php file to /admin/sources/loginauth/convert/

*removed, see below*

Make sure you overwrite the one already there.

Those converting from other software do not need to do anything.

Status: Fixed
Fixed In:


Ryan Ashbrook
Jan 09 2012 11:41 PM
Another issue has been identified in the XenForo Password conversion. If you have converted from vBulletin to XenForo, then converted from XenForo to IPB... then the members that were originally present in the vBulletin system will not be able to log in.

We've added a fallback to the vBulletin authentication method to accommodate for this. If you are still experiencing the issue, and this sounds like a situation you are in, please try this file instead.


The fix will be included in the next Converters build as per usual.