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Jagged images on second step

Not sure what else to call it. Firefox14

Take a look at the screenshot, notice the highlighted "Step 2" is not quite straight its got odd edges underneath.

Attached Image: wizard_image_wobbly.png

EDIT... You'll see it better viewing the image at correct size, the thumbnail attach does not look too bad.

"Step 1" is OK though and I can't go to Step3 without paying ;)

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Attached Image: wizard_image_wobbly.png

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Marcher Technologies
Aug 10 2012 09:18 AM
That.... thing is actually an IPB bug, been annoying me for ages, nexus is just using .ipsSteps
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I believe this is fixed now - it was brought up last week, didn't know there was already a bug report :)
Updating Status to: Fixed