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Orientation Issues

I'm on the new iPad.

When I go to quote a response in landscape mode, it doesn't quote anything and all you see is the "submit" in the top right hand corner. You can't hit "cancel" or anything like that to go back.

You can rotate to portrait then back to landscape and it'll then show the cancel button, but ends up freezing. And at the same time it won't even show the quoted text.

It appears that there is a few other issues with the app when you rotate your device. I tried quoting in portrait, and that was fine until I rotated to landscape and then there was no cancel button, so I rotated back and the text was gone.

So for some reason when you change your orientation on your device it makes everything go wacky. I took some screenshots, I'll try to get them uploaded here when I get up in the morning.

Status: Fixed
Version: iOS 2.0.0
Fixed In: iOS 2.0.1