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Still trying to open external link

Running latest forum version, app is up to date. I've never been able to get this app to link to my community. Can't even get to the front page. When I add my community (www.cheresources.com/invision) I immediately get the "opening an external link" error. Based on the reviews in the app store, I'm not alone. Are there still known issues? The tracker makes it look like others can actually get it to work.

Status: Not a Bug
Version: 3.3.4
Fixed In: 0


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Reviews on the appstore tend to be more of a "no news is good news" type deal, meaning most people don't post reviews unless they are having issues.

As far as the app goes there are currently no known (major) issues and only about 3-5 known tiny bugs. Most of the time when a site does not work with the app it is because the administrator has installed some 3rd party modification which is causing issues.

If you cannot get it to work with your site please try opening a support ticket. :)
Updating Status to: Not a Bug