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Calendar Management

IP.Board includes a calendar application for use on your community.

You can manage the calendar application from Admin CP --> My Apps --> Calendar. It includes support for multiple "calendars" with different permissions. So you could, for example, create one calendar for your community and a hidden category that only your staff can view. In reality, events for all calendars are shown side-by-side, but the user will only see events from the calendars they have access to.

You can edit or delete a calendar by choosing the appropriate option from the dropdown, or create a new one by pressing the button at the top.

When adding or editing a calendar, you have a number of options;
  • The "Enable Moderation" setting allows you to require all events to be approved by a moderator before they are made public.
  • The event and birthday limits limit how many events or birthdays show on the calendar's monthly view. If there are more events than this, a link will be shown indicating the number that are not shown.
  • The RSS options allow you to configure the RSS feed for the calendar if you want to have one. You can set the number of days and events that the RSS feed will pull and how frequently it is updated.
  • The permission matrix allows you to set which permission masks can view and add events to the calendar.


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