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Managing Categories

You can manage categories by going to Admin CP --> My Apps --> Download Manager --> Categories. This page displays all categories in your download manager.
You can reorder top-level categories by clicking and dragging on the arrows on the left.

On the right there is a dropdown menu with several options:
  • New Category... This will add a new category as a sub-category for the one you have selected.
  • Edit Settings...
  • Add Moderator...
  • Delete Category...
  • Empty Category...
  • Resynchronise.. Most users will not ever need to run this tool.

You can click on the name of any sub-category to see a list of the sub-categories and reorder/manage them in the same manner.

To add a new root category, click the "Add New Category" button at the bottom.

Creating / Editing Categories

When creating or editing a category, you will see tabs along the top, each of which had various settings below it.

From here you can configure things such as the category name and description.
If Category Open is set to no - nobody will be able to see the category, regardless of permissions.

Category Options
This tab contains settings for controlling submissions to the category. For example, if screenshots and comments are allowed.

Topic Generation
If you wish for a topic to be created in your forums whenever is file is submitted, you can turn this on and set which forum to submit the topic to here.

Custom Errors
If you wish to customise the errors a user receives if they don't have permission to view, add or download files you can configure custom messages here - for example, if you only allow members who have purchased a subscription to download then you could explain in the custom error how to purchase.

This is where you can configure the permissions matrix for the category.


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