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Post Attachments: Attachment Types

IP.Board supports uploading attachments throughout the community, this could be in a post, in a personal conversation or many other areas.

You can control which types of files users can upload and where they can be used from Admin CP --> Forums --> Attachment Types.
This page lists all of the file types that users can upload to your community. You can add a new type using the button at the top of edit or delete any existing types using the dropdown menu on the left.

You may want to add a new type if a user wants to upload a file type which is not included in the default list.
When adding a file type you will need to specify the file extension and mime type, and specify where users can use the attachment type.

You will also notice there is a tool that allows you to export or import attachment types. You can use this to copy your list of attachment types from one community to another.
When you click the "Export Attachment Types" button, you will be prompted to download a file which contains data about the attachment types you have set up. You can then upload this file to the import box on another community to import the same attachment types.


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