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RSS Management: RSS Import

RSS is a technology which provides feeds of articles. For example, this is a feed of all the current top CNN news articles.

IP.Board contains tools to import RSS feeds into topics, so when a third party updates their RSS feed, it will automatically post a topic in your forum as if they were posted by a real member. This allows you to syndicate content into your community from external sources automatically in a way that is familiar to your members.

To set this up, go to Admin CP --> Forums --> RSS Import.
On this page, you will see a list of all RSS Imports you currently have set up.
You can add a new import by clicking the button at the top. You can refresh all feeds (which will manually check for new articles and post them) by clicking the button at the top, or per import by using the option in the dropdown menu on the right. You can also edit, delete, validate or remove all topics created by a feed using the options in the dropdown.
You will also see a "Quick Validate" box, into which you can enter the URL to the RSS feed you are working with to ensure that IP.Board can access and properly read the feed.

When adding or editing an RSS Import, you will need to fill in:
  • RSS Import Basics
    In this area you will enter the title and URL (address) to the RSS feed.
    You should also enter the feed charset, if you are unsure what the charset should be, use the validate tool on the main RSS Import page which should report it.
  • RSS Import htaccess Authentication
    If you need to provide a username and password to access the RSS feed, you should provide it here, otherwise, you do not need to fill in these details.
  • RSS Import Content
    This section allows you to specify details of the import such which forum the articles should be imported to, and who it should appear the articles are posted by.
  • RSS Import Settings
    These settings allow you to control how often the feed is updated. These can almost always be left as they are.
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