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The tools section of the IP.Gallery Admin CP (Admin CP --> My Apps --> Gallery --> Tools) contains a number of functions for Gallery maintenance.

Image Related Tools

Rebuild images
This tool will recreate all the thumbnails and images in your gallery. This tool if useful if you have changed your image sizes or watermark, and now wish to rebuild your existing images.
You can specify which categories to include and how many images to process per cycle.

Orphan Scanner
This tool will scan your database and file system for broken or unlinked images and remove them (one directory at a time)

Rebuild Metadata
This tool will attempt to read metadata (EXIF and IPTC) from your primary images and rebuild the database records with it

Reports and Logs

Member / Group Report
This section allows you to generate a report on any group or member which will show you their diskspace and bandwidth usage.

File Report
This section allows you to generate a report on any image in your gallery which will show you all the data about the file and allow you to change the owner or clear the logs for that file.

E-Card Logs
This will show you all of the E-Card logs sent and by the system.

Bulk Import

IP.Gallery includes tools that allow you to upload a zip file containing images or import all images from a directory on your server into IP.Gallery from the Admin CP.

To do this select the appropriate link from the "Bulk Import" section.

If importing from a directory - you will now see a list of all of the files and folders in your IP.Board installation. You can click on any folder name to go into it.
If a directory contains images that can be imported, you can click the magnifying glass to see those images, or click the "Import" link to import that directory.

If importing from a zip file you will see a page that lists all zip files in the /uploads directory. You will also see a box where you can upload a zip file.
Upload the zip file you want and then you will see it in the list. Click the "Import Files" link.

You will now see a page where you can choose which of the found images to import, and the settings for importing (i.e. which category to put them in to).
Fill in the information and then press the "Import Files" button to continue.

Hotlink Protection

Hotlinking is when another website uses the images hosted on your site, which will use your own bandwidth. IP.Gallery features hotlinking protection - this section will advise you if protection is enabled and which domains are allowed to link to images.


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