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Wiki-editable databases

Databases in IP.Content are flexible and provide many options. One such option is the ability to let the database act similar to a "wiki", where-by anyone can edit anyone else's submissions. In contrast to a database where you may not want users editing submissions, or may only wish to allow them to edit their own submissions, the idea behind a wiki-editable database is to allow all users to contribute to the same database record, collectively pooling community knowledge into a single source.

Creating a wiki-editable database is extremely easy. You need only configure your database appropriately.
  • When adding or editing a database, on the 'Options' tab you need to set "Wiki-style modifications" to "Yes". This is the flag that lets any user edit any record in IP.Content, rather than only their own submissions.
  • On the 'Permissions' tab, you must check the box under 'Edit Records' for each permission mask you wish to allow to edit records. If a group using a permission mask does not have the 'Edit Records' permission, they will be unable to edit records, regardless of the setting described in #1.

When you create a database and wish to allow users to edit only their own records, you follow the same steps as above, except you set "Wiki-style modifications" to "No", instead.

After you have done this, all users can edit all records (that they can see) in IP.Content.

Note that you can limit this further at the category level if you wish. You can specify on a per-category basis which permission masks can edit records, so while you can enable "Wiki-style modifications" at the database level, you can then choose for each category whether the permission masks can edit records. This can allow you, for instance, to move "finished" articles that you no longer wish to be modified to a category where users are unable to modify it further.
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