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Post Content: Bad Word Filters

IP.Board includes a built-in "bad word" filter. You can use this to specify swear words that you do not want users to post on your community.

You can manage the bad word list from Admin CP --> Look & Feel --> Bad Word Filters.
Here you will see a list of all the current bad words. You can edit or delete any entry by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu on the right, or add a new filter by filling in the form at the bottom of the page.

When adding or editing an entry, you should provide the bad word you want to filter, and what you want to replace it with if a user does enter that word in a post.
You will also be able to choose between "Exact" and "Loose" methods - if you choose "Exact" the word will only be filtered if that is the entire word, whereas with "Loose", it will be filtered even if it is part of another word. For example, if I set "hell" as a bad word on exact method, it would only filter "hell" - on loose method, it would also filter "hello".
Bad word filters are case in-sensitive.

Tools are also provided to export and import your bad word list so that if for example, you have more than one community you can easily copy the list across.


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