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Members: Manage Members

You can manage all of your members from Admin CP --> Members. Simply select the member information you wish to search for and enter all or part of that information in the search box. IPB will return all possible matches.

If you are searching for a member with a username of Smithson you could enter just Smith or even son in the search and IPB will return all member accounts with that text in the username.

The Display Name and Log in Name of a member are usually the same unless you have enabled the option to have differing names in the settings area. The Display name is simply the name that is shown on the community when a member posts whereas the log in name is the information a member uses to login to IPB.

You can also query the member database using advanced search which allows you to filter the results more specifically. You can also search your custom profile fields for information contained in those fields.

If you ever have the need to manually create a member account, simple click Add New Member to be presented with a form to create a member account.

After searching for members, you will notice two buttons: MOVE all members found and PRUNE all members found - these buttons allow you to move or delete every member in the results respectively.


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