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Members: Member Ranks

Underneath the avatar in each post, IP.Board lists the member title. The member title can be customised by the individual member if you have allowed permission (or edited their account manually in the Admin CP) - otherwise, their title will be determined based on their rank.
You will also see either a number of pips or a group image. The group image will be used if one is set by the user's primary user group - otherwise, the appropriate number of pips of image will be displayed for the user's rank.

You can manage ranks at Admin CP --> Members --> Manage Member Ranks
On this page you will see a list of all the ranks.
You can edit or delete a rank by choosing the appropriate option from the dropdown menu.

To add a rank, simply fill in the form at the bottom.
You must provide a title (which will be used as the member title if one is not otherwise defined), either a number of pips or an image to use (if a group image is not otherwise defined) and the number of posts a user must have to achieve that rank.

When a user reaches the amount of posts for any rank, they will automatically be given that rank.
It is important to note that a rank only affects the title and rank image - the user's usergroups and permissions will not be affected and are handled independently to ranks.


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