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Members: Notification Defaults

IP.Board has a centralised system for issuing notifications to members. Notifications can be any information the user may want to know such as someone has quoted your post, someone has sent you a PM, or a topic you are subscribed to has been posted in.

Members can choose individually how they want to be notified about the different types of notification. They can choose to be alerted by Email, PM or just be a message displayed inline when browsing the community.
Administrators can however, configure the default settings for these notification preferences in Admin CP --> Members --> Notification Defaults.

On this page you will see a list of all of the notifications that your community may issue. Note that if you ever install third party applications or when you upgrade your software, new options may be added.
Each notification type allows you to configure the default selection, any disallowed selections and to be disabled completely.

In the "Default Selection" column you can choose which options should be the default for any member who has not otherwise configured their preferences.
You can select more than one by holding down Ctrl (or cmd if you are using a Mac) and clicking.
We recommend that you keep to our default settings, which use Email to notify members with important information, and use inline notifications for less trivial information.

In the "Disallow Option" column you can choose any options which should not be available. For example, if you don't want anyone to be able to be notified via Personal Conversation for any notification type, you would select that option.
For example, by default, you cannot be notified via personal conversation about a personal conversation, as otherwise you would create an endless loop of notifications.

In the "Disallow Member Selection" column you can opt to not allow your members to configure the option and they will be forced to use the settings you have chosen. This can be useful if, for example, you want all your moderators to be Emailed about reported content, or, you don't want anyone to be notified when someone quotes their posts.


If I highlight an option under disallow option collumn, I am basically disabeling that option for my members, right???? Other than highligted one my members have to choose one from other 2 options???? correct?
Correct.  If under the Disallow column you elect not to allow a member to choose that option, they will not be able to use that notification option at all.  They will only be able to select from the options you have not disallowed.
For instance, you could disallow emails for every notification type to prevent your board from sending notification emails.  I wouldn't recommend it personally, but it is possible.

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