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How can I determine who redeemed a gift voucher?

IP.Nexus allows members to purchase gift vouchers. Each gift voucher has a unique code which can be redeemed by anyone in the store.

If a customer is receiving the error message "The code enterred was not valid or has already been redeemed. Please check the code entered and try again." you can follow the following steps to determine who redeemed a particular voucher code:

Step One: Check the code is valid

First, ask the customer to double-check the value being entered is correct. Voucher codes will only have letters and numbers, but are case-sensitive. Check the code is not being entered in lowercase, and that the wrong characters are not being entered by mistake.

Step Two: Check the code has not been used

If you are sure the code is being entered correctly, examine the voucher code - it will contain two instances of the letter "X". This breaks the code into parts, and the numbers either side of the "X"s have special value. For this example, let's assume the code is:

Go to your Admin CP and enter in the number(s) before the first "X" into the live search. In this example, that would be "8". If the number is less than three digits, prepend it with zeros to make it at least 3 digits long. In this example, we'll enter "008". Once the results display, click on the "Nexus" tab.

In the results that display, look for any entries with a box icon next to them with the text "Gift Voucher":
Attached Image: IP.Board_ Nexus - Customers.jpg

If an entry like this appears the voucher has not been used and the code should work. Click on the item and check the code that is displayed is the one being entered.
If the issue persists, contact IPS technical support.

Step Three: Determine who used the code

If no entry appears, enter the number(s) that appear after the first "X", but before the second - again, if it is less than 3 digits, prepend with zeros.
In our example, the number here is "1", so we'll enter "001":
Attached Image: IP.Board_ Nexus - Customers-1.jpg

Look for the result with the customer icon next to it. If none appears, the customer that originally purchased the gift voucher has been deleted, and the gift voucher too will have been deleted.

If one appears, click on it, and then click the "View History" button.

In the "Filters" box that appears on the right, uncheck all options apart from "Gift Vouchers":
Attached Image: IP.Board_ Nexus - Customers-2.jpg

You'll now be viewing all logs of gift vouchers that the customer has redeemed, or that the customer has purchased that have been redeemed by another customer.
You can then look for the voucher code and find the log which will tell you when and who by the voucher was redeemed:
Attached Image: IP.Board_ Nexus - Customers-3.jpg


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