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Orders: Shipping Orders

When a user makes a purchase which includes physical items, one or more Shipping Orders will be generated.
You can view all transactions from Admin CP --> IP.Nexus --> Shipping Orders.

The Shipping Orders are only generated once the invoice has been paid, and IP.Nexus will automatically work out the fewest number of Shipping Orders possible (for example, if two items are both to be shipped by the same shipping method, these will be grouped into one order).

Managing Shipping Orders

An invoice will have one of three statuses, which is indicated in the first column.
  • Shipped
    The order has been marked as shipped by an administrator.
  • Pending
    The order is waiting to be shipped.
  • Cancelled
    The order has been marked as cancelled by an administrator.

Handling Shipping Orders

You will need to go through your Shipping Orders on hold periodically to ship the items.

When viewing your transactions, you can toggle between all transactions or just the transactions on hold using the switch at the top of the list.
Toggle this so you're just viewing the on pending Shipping Orders.
You can now go through the list - click "View Shipping Order" to view the items that need to be shipped, and once done, mark the order shipped.

Viewing a Shipping Order

You can view a Shipping Order by clicking the "View Shipping Order" link.

The title at the top indicates what shipping method is to be used.
The first grey box indicates information about the order, such as the status and associated invoice.
The second grey box displays the address the items are to be shipped to.
The third box displays the items that need to be shipped - note the quantity column which may be more than one.

Buttons at the top allow you to print a packing note (which displays the sender's address and items to be included) and mark the order as shipped or cancelled.


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