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Orders: Transactions

When a user pays (or attempts to pay) for an invoice, a transaction is logged.
You can view all transactions from Admin CP --> IP.Nexus --> Transactions.

Managing Transactions


A transaction will have one of four statuses, which is indicated in the first column.
  • Completed
    The transaction was completed and payment was received successfully.
  • On Hold
    The transaction was completed, but is being held for manual approval. This could be due to a problem with the payment, or you may have enabled the setting to require manual approval of all payments.
  • Failed
    The transaction failed. This could be due to the payment being refused by the provider (for example, the credit card was declined) or a transaction which was previously on hold has been refused by an administrator.
  • Pending
    The user went to make a transaction, but never completed it. You can ignore transactions with this status as IP.Nexus will manually delete them periodically.

Approving and Refusing Transactions

You will need to go through your transactions on hold periodically to approve or refuse them.

When viewing your transactions, you can toggle between all transactions or just the transactions on hold using the switch at the top of the list.
Posted Image
Toggle this so you're just viewing the on hold transactions.
You can now go through the list and approve or refuse as appropriate, to view more information about a transaction, including why it is on hold, click the "View" link.

Viewing a Transaction

When viewing a transaction, if it is on hold, a red box at the bottom will indicate the reason.

Posted Image
In this screenshot, you can see the member paid for an invoice with a check, and the note reads "Waiting for payment to arrive. When you have received payment, mark this transaction complete."
Once you have received the check from the member, you would approve it using the button at the top.

When viewing a transaction, you can click on the customer's name to view the customer page with all past purchases, or the invoice title to view the invoice which the transaction is paying for.


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