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Promotion: Referral Banners

IP.Nexus allows members to earn commission by referring other members.
In addition to a simple link, you can set up banners which members can then add to their websites or blogs which will contain their referral link.

You can manage referral banners in use from Admin CP --> My Apps --> IP.Nexus --> Referral Banners.

To create a new banner, click "Add Banner". You can edit or delete an existing banner using the buttons on the right, and you can reorder banners by clicking and dragging the arrow icon on the left.

Once you have these set up, members can view them from the client area.

When a user clicks on a banner a member has placed on their website or blog, IP.Nexus will remember where that user came from. If they then register on your site, IP.Nexus will show who referred them on the customer page.
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