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Store Settings: Shipping Methods

Shipping Methods specify the options available for shipping physical items.
For example, you may have a "Postal Service" method, and a "Special Delivery" method, allowing users to pay more for faster delivery.
Regardless how many methods you set up, you can specify which methods are available to individual packages from the package settings. So for example, if you want one item to be free shipping, you could set up a "Free Shipping" method, but only make it available to that one item.
Shipping Methods can be location dependant (so you can charge more to ship oversees) and Nexus will automatically not show Shipping Methods not available to a user. Due to this, you must make sure there is a valid Shipping Method for every location you want to sell items to for every package you sell, otherwise customers may be unable to purchase certain items. On the other hand, if you only want customers within your country, you can just set up shipping methods for locations within your country, and all orders with a shipping address elsewhere will fail.

When a user makes a purchase, packages with the same options available will be grouped logically and shipping orders will be created logically based on the options chose.
For example, if you sell "Widget" which has "Postal Service" or "Special Delivery" shipping methods available, and you also sell "Doodah" which just has "Special Delivery" and a customer purchases both, Nexus will ask how they want each item to be shipped, and if they select "Special Delivery" for both, Nexus will just create one shipping order.

Shipping Methods can be managed from Admin CP --> My Apps --> IP.Nexus --> Shipping Methods.

To create a new method, click "Add Shipping Method". You can edit or delete an existing method using the buttons on the right, and you can reorder methods by clicking and dragging the arrow icon on the left.

When adding a Shipping Method, you will need to provide:
  • Available Locations
    This will be the locations which are allowed to choose the shipping method. You may use this to set up multiple shipping methods with higher costs to other countries, or you may only create shipping methods available to certain countries to only allow orders from there.
  • Rates
    After selecting what the rate will be based upon, start by entering a number into the first box and a cost next to it. As you enter rates, additional rows will appear for you to specify more rates.
    For example, to make a shipping method cost $5 if the weight is above 20 units, or $1 if it is below, you would enter 0 into the first box and 1 into the second, at this point a new row will appear, where you will enter 20 into the first box and 5 into the second. A third row will appear, but since you don't need it, you can leave it blank and it will be ignored.
  • Tax Class
    In some countries, shipping costs are taxable - if this applies to you, you can specify a tax class for calculating the tax to apply to the shipping charge.


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