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Store Settings: Tax Classes

IP.Nexus allows to specify multiple tax classes. You can then choose which tax class is applicable for an item when adding it from the Packages page.
Tax classes can be location dependant, so you can specify users in one country or state are charged one rate, while users elsewhere are charged a different rate.

Tax Classes can be managed from Admin CP --> My Apps --> IP.Nexus --> Tax Classes.

To create a new tax class, click "Add Tax Class". You can edit or delete an existing class using the buttons on the right, and you can reorder fields by clicking and dragging the arrow icon on the left.

When adding or editing a tax class you can add additional rates by clicking the "Add Rate" button at the bottom of the second table. Each rate is for a particular location, so if you don't need the tax class to be location dependant, you only need to specify one rate.
Which rate will be applied is determined by Nexus looping through the rates in the order specified until one matches, so if you specify several rates per country and then the final rate applies to "All Locations" - the country-specific rates will be checked first, and the "All Locations" rate will be used as a fallback.

For more examples on how to use Tax Classes, click the "Help" button in the top-right of the page.


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