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Support Settings: Statuses

IP.Nexus comes with a number of pre-preogrammed statuses for support requests. The default statuses are:
  • Open - The default status when a support request is created or the customer replies.
  • Hold - A generic status for a support request that can be set by a staff member, perhaps indicating the issue needs further investigation or a particular staff member's action.
  • Closed - The default status when a staff member replies to a support request. Can be reopened by a customer reply.
  • Resolved - The issue has been resolved to the satisfaction of the customer.
  • Spam - The support request is spam, most likely coming from the incoming Email support.
  • Working - The support request is being worked on by a staff member.
  • Scheduled - The support request has been scheduled to be dealt with by a certain staff member at a certain time (for example, an install request).
While this reflects a generic set up that can be used in a variety of situations, IP.Nexus allows you to rename any status, remove statuses or set up new statuses to reflect your individual needs.

Each support request has a name that displays to staff, and a name that displays to customers (e.g. what is "Closed" to a staff member is "Awaiting Reply" to a customer).

One support request must be specified as the default status for new support requests or when a customer replies ("Open" by default) and one for when a staff member replies ("Closed" by default).

You can specify whether or not a member should be able to set a status (by default, only "Resolved" has this option) - all statuses can be set by staff members.
You can specify a status as "Auto-Assign" so when it is set by a staff member, the support request is automatically assigned to the staff member setting the status. By default, "Working" uses this, so you can see which staff member is working on the support request.

Each status can also have a color which will be displayed to staff members so staff can easily identify the status of a support request when scanning down the list (for example, "Hold" displays in red by default to draw attention).

Statuses can be managed from Admin CP --> My Apps --> IP.Nexus --> Statuses.

To create a new status, click "Add Status". You can edit or delete an existing status using the buttons on the right, and you can reorder statuses by clicking and dragging the arrow icon on the left.


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