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Applications & Modules: Installing an Application or Hook

Once you've downloaded your Application or Hook from the IPS Marketplace, you'll need to unzip the .zip files to folders to somewhere which you'll remember.

In order to install an application, you will often need to refer to the included readme.html file which all Marketplace files should have, some applications require configuring before you'll see anything on the front end.

Most applications and some hooks require you to upload files to your server. You can do this by using an FTP client.

[docnote]Note: Some popular FTP clients include FileZilla (Win & Mac), CyberDuck (Win & Mac) and WinSCP (Windows).[/docnote]


Once those files are uploaded, you'll need to go to your AdminCP > System > Applications & Modules > Manage Applications & Modules. In the right sidebar of the AdminCP there's a box which says "Applications Not Installed", simply click the Purple "Install" button and you'll be taken to the setup page, where you can install it.

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Once any files which are included with your hook are uploaded, navigate to your AdminCP > System > Applications & Modules > Manage Hooks. There's a button near the top of your screen which says "Install Hook". Click this and a popup will appear, navigate to where your hook is on your local computer, and click "Install". This should install your hook.

[docnote]Note: It's not often that files are included with hooks, so if you don't find any then proceed anyway.[/docnote]

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Julien CARON
Jan 14 2014 11:14 AM

Where application files have to be uploaded on the server ?

Please see this tutorial about FTP, which covers that specifically. :smile:



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