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Forums: Topics, Posts and Polls

Admin CP --> System --> System Settings --> Forums --> Topics, Posts and Polls

Your topics, posts, and polls are the core of your community. This section configures the global settings for all entries in your community. Many settings can be overridden per member or group but these settings are your default for when a member first registers.

Showing Topics

Global settings to control the number of topics per page, rating visibility, and when a post is to be marked with the hot topic icon on your community.

Topic Titles

IP.Board can optionally place a prefix in front of a pinned, moved, or topic with with a poll. You can also define how long a topic title can be and have IP.Board automatically limit excess punctuation or capitalization.

Showing Posts

You can control various viewing defaults here and also how IP.Board resizes (if at all) large images in topics.

When changing the <b>Open posted links in a new window</b> note that his will only change NEW links posted from the time you change this setting. Links already posted will keep opening as this setting was previously. You can rebuild post content using AdminCP tool or command line tool in the download package however keep in mind that rebuilding posts is a long process and resource intensive.

Making a Post

This section controls various default settings for posts. The <b>Merge member's concurrent posts</b> can be used to merge posts within the time limits specified if a member makes multiple replies in a row. This keeps all their replies in one post. You can enable <b>Stop Quote Embedding</b> to stop many level nested trees of quoted posts on your forum which can quickly become hard to read.

URL Filtering Options

This section is useful if you do not want certain URL links posted on your forum such as not allowing your members to link to a competitor's web site. Use the whitelist/blacklist options to control the various URLs allowed.

Attached Image Options

If you allow file attachments on your forums these settings control how images are displayed. You can have images displayed as thumbnails rather than just a download link using these settings.

Guest Username

You can use these settings to add a prefix or suffix to Guest users on your forums (if allowed) so they stand out from registered members.

Poll Options

If you use polls on your community these settings deserve a detailed review as they control how your polls behave, who can vote, and how their votes are handled. It also has settings for voting privacy and control.

Editor Settings

The rich text editor is a WYSIWYG editor available to those with supported browsers. The Flash uploader allows for true multiple attachments on an upload form. The media settings references the Media Tag in IP.Board and limits its use.


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