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IPS Apps: IP.Chat

Admin CP --> System --> System Settings --> IPS Apps --> IP.Chat

These settings control the Chat application on your community.
If not present, we provide IP.Chat with a 5 user limitation for free. See this tutorial for information on how to set up IP.Chat.

Basic Configuration

This setting allows you to control who can access the chat room, and what your IP.Chat service key is.

Should you need to reset your IP.Chat service key, you can do so in your client area, and then should update it here.
If you wish to upgrade your IP.Chat package, you do not need to change your key. You can upgrade via the client area and the changes will be reflected straight away. For more information, contact our sales department via the client area.


You can temporarily turn the chat online or offline here. You can also specify which groups (if any) can access the chat even if it's offline.


Moderator groups can kick and ban users from the chat room. Here you can select which groups have moderator powers.

For more information on IP.Chat moderation, see this article.

Other Settings

This section covers miscellaneous settings such as how dates and messaged display.

Who's Chatting

If enabled, this will add a block to the board index showing which users are currently in the chat room.

Chat Rules

If enabled, users will have to accept the rules before they can access the chat room.


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