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IPS Apps: IP.Gallery Settings

Admin CP --> System --> System Settings --> IPS Apps --> IP.Gallery Settings

These settings control the Gallery application on your community.
If not present, please contact our sales department for information on purchasing IP.Gallery.

GD vs. Image Magick
IP.Gallery supports both the GD 2.0 library and the Image Magick library. You will see the setting for this about half way down the page.
If you want to use Image Magick, you will need to provide the full path to the Image Magick directory.
If you are unsure which to choose, leave as GD 2.0 unless you notice error messages in the IP.Gallery section of the Admin CP. If you get error messages and are not sure how to resolve them, contact technical support for assistance.

You will notice two different styles for viewing categories and albums:
Gallery style This is designed to look like a traditional Gallery. Categories, albums and images are displayed in a grid.
Forum Style This is designed to look more like the forums. Categories, albums and images are displayed in a list, just like topics in the forums.

Image Quality
You will notice settings regarding the "quality" of images - a higher quality will mean the images display more like the original, but larger file sizes, and vice-versa.

A watermark is an image that is displayed over the top of all other images so that users know the image came from your site. If you enable a watermark, IP.Gallery will add that watermark image over the top of all uploaded images.
If you change the watermark and then rebuild images, IP.Gallery will not remove the old watermark, but add it over the top of the old. Try to avoid changing the watermark image once it is set up.

Hotlink Protection
Hotlinking is when another website uses the images hosted on your site, which will use your own bandwidth. IP.Gallery features hotlinking protection which you can set up by enabling here, and entering the websites you wish to allow to use your images.
The "Path to anti-leech image" is the image that will display if an unauthorised website attempts to use your images.


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