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System: Search Setup

Admin CP --> System --> System Settings --> Search Setup

IP.Board has a search system built into the software to allow you to search your database of posts. There are inherit limitations with the search system as IP.Board uses your database server to perform the actual search. This means that on large databases or times when your server is busy your database may not be able to give IP.Board the data it requests from a search operation.

<b>Search Types</b>

You have the option to choose Traditional or <a href='http://www.sphinxsearch.com/' target='_blank'>Sphinx</a> searching. Traditional is the default method and in this case IP.Board will send a SQL search query to your database server and wait for the database server to return the data of the search.

The Sphinx option is available for those who have Sphinx capabilities on their web server. Note that IPS does not provide support in setting up and maintaining a Sphinx search server but we do provide the code needed for IP.Board to interface with a working Sphinx server. If you do wish to use Sphinx, enable this setting and then populate the Sphinx Settings further down the page.

<b>Fulltext searching</b> is enabled by default for those using traditional, MySQL searching. You should only disable this in non-English characters sets which do not support fulltext searching. It is important to note that if you do not use fulltext searching your search queries will run <i>extremely</i> slow and will be very server intensive. The <b>minimum search word</b> length can be changed here but often MySQL will override IP.Board on this setting and force a certain word length limit (default is 4) depending on your server configuration.

<b>View New Posts: Block Forums</b> allows you to choose one or many forums which you would like to remove from the view new posts option on the front-end. This is useful for general chat forums, test posting areas, or any other forum with content you do not wish to show up when a user clicks view new posts.

Sphinx Settings

Sphinx settings, if available, are provided by your server administrator.
Information on setting up Sphinx can be found in this tutorial.


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