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Flagging Accounts as Spammers

If you are a moderator, the administrator may have allowed you the ability to mark an account as a spammer. Depending on how the administrator has configured the system, this may prevent the member from making any more posts, unapprove all their existing accounts and/or ban the account.
When viewing a topic, you will see this icon Attached Image: user_popup.png - clicking this will open the user's popup card. At the bottom of this, you will see a number of buttons to view all that user's topics and so on. If you have the ability to flag a member as a spammer, when viewing a post you'll see this icon Attached Image: spammer_off.png - you'll also see this icon in user's profiles. Clicking on the icon will flag the user as a spammer, and take the action that the administrator has set up. These images show the three places you can flag a user as a spammer:

Attached Image: 14 - flag-spammer.png

Attached Image: 14 - flag-spammer-3.png

Attached Image: 14 - flag-spammer-2.png


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