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IP Lookup

This article assumes you are logged into the community using an account with super moderator privileges. If your account is a forum-level moderator, the Administrator of the community may choose to restrict certain functions so not all options may be available.

Sometimes a member may register and you need to research their history on your community or find more information about their account using the IP address of their account. There are various tools available by clicking the IP Lookup link at the top of the community.

Attached Image: 40 - ip-lookup.png

Options Include:

  • Resolve IP Address: This option will allow you to look up an IP address for more information (note, you must enter all 4 parts of the IP address to use this tool)
  • Find Posts with this IP: This option will run a search for all posts associated with this IP address (limited to 500 results)
  • Find members who registered with this IP: This tool will run a search for all members who registered with the entered IP address


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