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Reading, replying to, and creating new Posts and Topics

This section explains some of the features of reading, replying to posts, and creating new posts and Topics which may be used less-often than others, but are still quite useful.

First Unread Post in a Forum
Clicking the post title that is listed to the right of the Forum name, as below:
Attached Image: 15 - forum-unread-link.png
will take you the the most-recent Post made in that Forum (and its Sub-Forums). In this case, the post is in one of the Sub-Forums.

If you wish to view the Profile of the person who made that post, click their name
Attached Image: 16 - poster-to-profile.png

and to view a popup box with brief profile details instead, click the Attached Image: user_popup-large.png icon to the right of the user's name : Attached Image: 17 - profile-popup.png

New Topic and Post Reply options

When viewing a Topic or the Topic list, members have several options available to them, depending on the configuration set by the system Administrator.
Attached Image: 18 - post-nav.png

1 (and 8)
Watch this topic - Clicking this icon sets the topic as one you wish to "Watch", and leads to the notifications choices screen of your User Controls.
Attached Image: 19 - watch-topic-choices.png
Choose the notification method that you prefer, then click "Proceed". You will be returned to the Watched Topic, and the button text will have changed.
Attached Image: 20 - topic-watched.png
An icon will also appear on a Watched Topic, when in the Topic View screen.
Attached Image: 45 - topic-watched-topic-view-icon.png
You will be notified of any reply made to this Topic (except for replies made by you), until you click "Stop watching topic".

Add Reply Clicking either of the "Add Reply" buttons opens the Full Editor, the use of which is detailed in another section.

Start New Topic Clicking either "Start New Topic" icon leads to the Topic Creation screen, with the Full Editor. Once the topic is created, it will be placed in the Topic list, immediately below any Pinned topics.

Rate Topic - Allows you to rate the Topic, from 1 star to 5, and records your rating. Once a Topic is rated, statistical info will appear
Attached Image: 22 - topic-rated.png
which shows the number of votes and your vote. The rating bar shows the average of all votes. In the Forum Topic list, Topics which have been rated will now show the Topic rating graph:
Attached Image: 22 - topic-rated-topic-list.png

2 and 3
(Please see the image at the bottom of this section.)
The icons displayed above a poster's Group are shortcuts to "Add as friend", send them a PM, or view their Blog and Gallery, if those applications are installed (and the user has created them within the application).

Report Post - Depending on system configuration, you may be allowed to report posts that contain objectionable content. This leads to a screen where you will be prompted for the reason you are reporting the post. Completing the report will notify the moderators and administrators.

Promote To Article - If you have the IP.Content addon application and it's been configured to allow promotion of posts to articles (and you have permissions to promote articles), the "Promote to Article" button will appear next to the "Report Post" button.

Attached Image: 46 - user-contact-content-icons.png

Topic sharing options - The topic sharing icons Attached Image: 21 - topic-share-bar.png allow you to share that Topic with popular social networking services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Buzz, Del.icio.us, Reddit, or StumbleUpon, as well as to Email, Print, or Download the Topic.

Additionally, you can also "Like" a Topic, which posts a link in your Facebook News Feed pointing to that Topic. Click the "Like" button and add some descriptive text which will show in your Facebook page.
Attached Image: 52 - facebook-like-topic.png
It will also be reflected in the "Recent Facebook Activity" hook, if that hook has been enabled.

Author Reputation Filter - Clicking anywhere on the blue bar that contains the text "Currently viewing all posts. Change threshold?" will open the Author Reputation Filter. This allows you to choose which posts you wish to view, based on the Reputation of the Poster, or to view all posts regardless of Reputation.
Attached Image: 47 - author-rep-filter.png
Note the difference between this, and the Topic Display Filter options here: 5) Filter Options.


Reputation, Reply (Quote), MultiQuote

a) The Attached Image: 48 - add.png and Attached Image: 48 - subtract.png icons here are to add to, or subtract from, a poster's "Reputation", depending on the configuration set by the Admin. If someone has been helpful to you by answering a question you've asked, you can thank them by clicking the green plus symbol to add to their reputation. If the poster is being rude or otherwise misbehaving (and if allowed by the system configuration), you can click the red minus sign to subtract from their reputation. That reputation can be used in the Author Reputation Filter above.

b) The Reply(Quote) button allows you to Quote that single post in a reply that you make. When you click the Reply button, you are taken immediately to the Full Editor to make your reply. It places the quoted post in a colored box within your reply, to make it clear that you are quoting the poster.
Attached Image: 49 - quoted-post.png

c) The Multiquote button is used when you wish to quote more than one post in your reply. Press the Multiquote button for *each* post that you wish to quote in your reply, then click the Add Reply button (you cannot use the Fast Reply box) to go to the Full Editor. You'll see the quoted posts in the Editor box, and you can add responses between the quoted section if you wish. Just be certain your reply falls outside of the "quote tags". When done, click the Add Reply button in the full editor to save your post.
Attached Image: 50 - multiquoted-post.png


Topic and Forum Navigator - You can use the drop-down menu and "Go" button to perform a "Forum Jump" to any forum, or the "← Previous Topic" and "Next Topic →" links to see the previous or next topic within the forum you're viewing (when you reach the first or last post and click these buttons again, you will receive an error message indicating there are no newer or older posts), or you can click the middle icon to go to the parent forum which contains the Topic you're reading.
Attached Image: 51 - post-navigator.png


(As explained above)


Fast Reply window - Clicking anywhere within the Fast Reply window expands its size, and provides a subset of the Full Editor's capabilities for making a reply. Useful when you don't need the Full Editor, and only wish to add a reply quickly. Since its functions are a sub-set of the Full Editor, you can refer to that section for details of the Fast Reply box.

Post / Use Full Editor - When you've used the Fast Reply window and wish to submit your reply, press the "Post" button. If you need the expanded capabilities that the Full Editor provides, press the "Use Full Editor" button, and it will load. The Full Editor is documented in another section.
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