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Report Center

This article assumes you are logged into the community using an account with super moderator privileges. If your account is a forum-level moderator, the Administrator of the community may choose to restrict certain functions so not all options may be available.

This article covers the Report Center from the front-end as a moderator. For information about the settings for the Report Center in the Admin CP, such as how to configure statuses and severities, see this article.


The Report Center is a central location where all member reports using the "Report" button found on each post are directed. The Report Center allows for all of the various moderators in a community a central place to take action on, comment on, and file reports. The Report Center also contains reports from other applications and from the Report Member button on a member profile.

A link to the Report Center shows at the top of every page, with an indicator of how many active reports there are.
Attached Image: 23 - moderator-toolbar.png

When there are active reports, the link shows in red:
Attached Image: 24 - mod-toolbar-active.png

Clicking on the link will take you to the Report Center:

Attached Image: 28 - report-center-5-active.png

You will notice that each report has an icon, this indicates both it's status and it's severity - more information on this later.
You should also notice the "Section" column. It indicates where the reported content has come from, and you will notice that reports are not limited to just posts. Private messages, members and even content from add-ons such as IP.Blog and IP.Gallery all show in the central Report Center.

If you are a moderator of only a particular area of the community, you will only see reports for that area. For example, if you are moderator only in one forum, you will see reports for posts within that forum, but not reports for other forums.

Viewing and Commenting Report

To view a report, simply click on the title. You will see the report content, and any comments made on it:

Attached Image: 31 - report.png

The link in the green box at the top will allow you to see the reported content - even if it is a private conversation, the administrator can configure the Report Center to allow you to be added into the conversation.
The report will show the reported content as a quote, so even if the user has edited the post, you can still see what it said when the report was submitted. You will also see the message the reporting user provided when reporting.

Below this, you will see commends from other moderators, and reply box, so you can add your own comments.
Comments will only be shown to the moderators who have access to the report, not to the reporter.

Report Statuses

Each report has a status. The specific statuses available are configurable by the administrator, but the default ones are:
Posted Image New Report
Posted Image Under Review
Posted Image Complete

To update a status when viewing a report, simply click the box that says "Current Status" and choose the new status from the dropdown.
You can also update the status for several reports at once from the Report Center homepage by selecting the checkboxes, and then choosing the desired status from the dropdown - just like you can with topics in a forum, or posts within a topic.

Report Severities

You may notice that different reports have different icons even though they are the same status - particularly different colored flags. This is an indicator of the report's severity. The specific severities available are configurable by the administrator - but by default, they are indicated with different colored flags; the lowest severity has a gray flag, while the highest has red, with blue, green and orange in between. The reports with the highest severities are shown at the top of the list.
The report gains severity the longer it's been open. So by default, after 10 minutes, it will gain a blue flag, and after an hour, it will be on red. Here is a "snapshot" of all possible flags that you may see:
Attached Image: 32-all-flags.png


You may want to be notified by Email or private message when a new report is made. To do this, select "Report Options" on the Report Center homepage. Then simply select how you want to be notified, and save.
Either of these options may have been disabled by an administrator.


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