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Warning, Banning, and other Member Controls

This article assumes you are logged into the community using an account with super moderator privileges. If your account is a forum-level moderator, the Administrator of the community may choose to restrict certain functions so not all options may be available.

There are various controls a moderator can use to take action on a member without the need for access to the AdminCP.

Edit Member Profile

From time to time a member may put inappropriate content in their signature, status, avatar, or other customizable areas of their member profile. Moderators can go to the member profile and click Edit Member to edit any information they wish on that member's profile.

Attached Image: 34 - edit-member.png

Warn System

The administrator must enable the Warn System for the options explained here to appear.

When viewing a topic you will see a warn bar under each posting member's information (also available when viewing a member profile). This accesses IP.Board's warning system, which is a powerful tool that allows moderators to make notes and perform action on a member account. There are three choices available, as shown here:

Attached Image: 33 - warn-status.png Attached Image: 33 - warn-decrease.png Attached Image: 33 - warn-increase.png

Clicking the text "Warn Status" will show you a record of all notes previously made on this member by other moderators. If you click the - / + icon it brings up the warn control panel where a moderator can make notes, contact the member, unapprove/approve member posts en masse, or take such actions as:

  • Enforce moderator preview of all new posts
  • Disable this members posting ability
  • Ban / Suspend member's account

A very useful feature is the ability to make these actions permanent or timed actions. For example, you may have an otherwise good member who is having a bad day and needs to "cool down", so in this case you may choose a 12 hour suspension of the account rather than a permanent ban. The Warn System is the key area for moderators to take actions on member accounts.
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