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[3.0.4] Report Centre Issues with MSSQL

An issue has been identified in IP.Board 3.0.4 where the report centre may not be functioning correctly for users using the MSSQL database driver.

This issue has been addressed for the next version of IP.Board (3.0.5) but attached is a patch for the issue.
Attached File  mssql_report_queries.php   8.48KB   106 downloads

This file should be uploaded to the admin/applications/core/sql/ folder, overwriting the file that is already there.
If you are having problems downloading this file, ensure that you are logged in with the same EMail address and password that you use for the client area.

This patch should only be used by users affected by the issue. If you are not using the MSSQL database driver or are not having problems with the report centre, then you should not apply this patch.

If you are not sure how to apply the patch or the problem persists after applying the patch, then please contact technical support for further assistance


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