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[3.0.5] Default IP.Board Skin got deleted? - Here's how to recover it

If you delete the default IP.Board skin, any new applications that are installed may not have their templates imported properly.
A symptom of this, using a fresh Gallery install as an example, would be the error:
Fatal error: Call to a member function globals() on a non-object in /home/(path-to-IPB)/admin/applications_addon/ips/gallery/app_class_gallery.php on line 93

To recover from this, go to: ACP -> Look & Feel -> click the button "Add New Skin Set".
On the next page, fill in the following information.

Set Title: IP.Board
Set Output Format: HTML
(Next 4 settings: set as desired)
Skin Set Key?: default <- IMPORTANT: This value identifies the "Default Skin" to new applications. Make CERTAIN no other skin has this value here.
(Next 3 settings: set as desired)
Use image directory?: master <- Recommended setting, can be different if you wish
Use emoticons set? default <- Recommended setting, can be different if you wish
Then click the "Add New Set" Button.
You will see the skin files created and written to the cache directory.

Now click the "Template Tools" link on the left-hand side.
In the section "Rebuild Master Skin Data", click *all* the checkboxes; The 3 on the left side of this section "Rebuild HTML", "Rebuild CSS", and "Rebuild Replacements", and all the ones on the right side of this section, which will vary according to installed applications.
Click the "Rebuild" button at the bottom of the section.

Now click "Template Tools" on the left again.
In the top section "Recache Skin Sets", leave the setting at: All Skin Sets
Click the "Recache Skin Sets" button.

Now go to ACP -> Cache Management -> click the "Recache All" button at the top right. Wait for it to complete.
Visit the forum page, press CTRL-F5 (to refresh your local browser cache) and re-visit the application that was giving you the error previously.

If the problem continues, please file a Support Ticket from within your Client Area, accessible here: http://www.invisionp...omer/index.html
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thank you! works in 3.4.x ! :)

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