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[3.0.5] Javascript error: "URIError: URI error" at public/js/3rd_party/prototype.js:515"

An issue has been identified in IP.Board 3.0.5 where various javascript functions may fail with the error message "URIError: URI error" at public/js/3rd_party/prototype.js:515".

This is only caused when a member performs a search with non-latin characters and will affect only that user.

This issue has already been addressed for IP.Board 3.1.0, or you can apply the patch below.
Once the patch has been applied, users who are experiencing the problem will need to clear their cookies, which they can do by clicking the "Mark Board As Read" link in the footer any page on your community.

If you need assistance with applying this patch, please contact technical support and a technician will be happy to apply it for you.
If you are not experiencing the issue described there is no need to apply the patch.

Patched File

Upload the attached file to admin/applications/core/modules_public/search/search.php.
Attached File  search.php   39.73KB   278 downloads

This file is based off of the 3.0.5 version. If you are not running 3.0.5, you should upgrade before applying this patch, or see the manual patch instructions below.

Manual Patch Instructions

Open the file admin/applications/core/modules_public/search/search.php
Find (there are two instances):
IPSCookie::set( 'sfct', $search_term );
Replace both instances with:
IPSCookie::set( 'sfct', urlencode( $search_term ) );


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