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[3.1.1] Twitter/Facebook Connection Issues, Member List Pagination, 404 issues and more

This patch resolves the following issues:

- Twitter/Facebook unable to connect to an existing account from UserCP
- Twitter/Facebook unable to sign in when "Force Guests To Log In" is set to 'yes'.
- Member List Pagination Issues
- Mobile App Setting: Enable Notifications is now on by default
- Mobile App Setting: Selecting groups only selects one
- "404" error logging/emails being sent fix (just silenced logging and emails for this specific error)
- More robust "foreign" script detection for non-FURL matching 404s
- Forums App - VNC with Sphinx and 'show all content since my last post' doesn't honour "block forums" setting
- Forums App - Searching with SQL can show unapproved topics on some rare occassions
- Forums App - ACP - Unable to click 'Permissions' tab when first creating a category (edit is fine)
- Install/Enable Hook - Breaks CSS image paths

Download: http://www.invisionp...es/311patch.zip


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