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IP.Downloads 2.5.0 does not list all files in a category after upgrading to IP.Board 3.3.0

Upon upgrading to IP.Board 3.3.0, IP.Downloads 2.5.0 does not list all files within a category. Only the first file on the page is listed; if there are multiple pages, the pagination links will allow you to move to other pages, but only one page is listed on any given page.

This is an incompatibility between IP.Downloads 2.5.0 and IP.Board 3.3.0. While the issue has already been resolved for the next release of IP.Downloads (which has not yet been released), you can manually patch your board to resolve the issue in the mean time.

To resolve this issue, open admin/applications_addon/ips/downloads/modules_public/display/category.php.

$this->registry->downloadsTags->getCacheJoin( array( 'meta_id_field' => 'f.file_id' ) )
								 )	 );
			 while( $row = $this->DB->fetch() )

and change to

$this->registry->downloadsTags->getCacheJoin( array( 'meta_id_field' => 'f.file_id' ) )
								 )	 );
			 $res = $this->DB->execute();
			 while( $row = $this->DB->fetch( $res ) )

Save the file and upload it to your server. The listings should resume showing all of the files intended to display on the page.
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