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[Upgrade to IP.Content 2.3.0] Misformatted index.html

Upon upgrading from an earlier version of IP.Content to IP.Content 2.3.0, you may find that the default "index.html" page (the article frontpage) is no longer laid out correctly. The exact layout issues you may face can vary from skin to skin, however on the default skin you will see the right-hand column stretching the width of the screen, and positioned above the content (instead of positioned as a column to the right of the content).

Attached Image: Capture.PNG

Earlier versions of IP.Content included custom CSS definitions that would ensure the page lays out correctly, however the current release of IP.Content uses default IP.Board CSS classes to handle the layout, so those custom CSS classes are no longer included. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to update your index.html file to use the new default HTML.

This is the code you should use for your articles page (most likely index.html if you have upgraded, unless you renamed the page)

{ccs special_tag="navigation"}
<div class='ipsLayout ipsLayout_withright ipsLayout_largeright'>
<div class='ipsLayout_right'>
{parse block="artmedlink"}
{parse block="articles_menu"}
{parse block="recent_articles"}
{parse block="recent_comments"}
<div class='ipsLayout_content'>
	 {parse articles}

You can update this in the ACP by visiting Other Apps -> Content -> Pages, and then clicking on the appropriate page to edit. Supply the new HTML for the page and save the form at the bottom. Your page should now be laid out correctly.
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