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Promoting Blogs

There are a number of features within IP.Blog that allows you to promote your blog and attract more readership. In this article we'll cover some of the most common promotional tools.

The "Blog This" hook
IP.Board includes a built in "Blog This" hook which allows your members to easily create a blog entry from any topic in the forum. This could be great on a forum where a member may wish to blog about their opinions on a topic posted to the forum.
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A trackback is a feature of almost all modern blogging software. A trackback is a notification that someone else has blogged about something you blogged about.

Let's say, for example, that Invision Power Services posted a blog entry about the upcoming features in our new software, (as we often do) and you wanted to blog about it. When you write your blog entry, you can include a trackback to our blog, which tells your readers, "My blog post is in response to another blog post" and it also tells our blog that you've posted a blog entry about our blog entry.

Think of it as a way for blog owners to share traffic and link back to one another when they are talking about each other.

You can enable Trackbacks for blogs hosted on your community via the "Settings" section in your IP.Blog ACP area.

Pings are automated announcements that something new has been posted. It's like a shoutout to RSS readers and blog syndication services that tells them there's new content. It's also a great way for search engines to quickly find and index new content.

To configure what services your board pings, or to add new ones, select the IP.Blog option from the Apps tab in your ACP, and select Trackback & Ping Services under the Tools menu. You can then add or remove Ping Services in a list format.

Exporting Blog RSS
Many users prefer to subscribe to blogs via RSS, or read their favorite blogs via a blog or RSS reader. By default, your blogs will have an RSS feed, so that users can easily subscribe to your blog's content. On the right-hand sidebar of each blog, there is a "Syndicate RSS" link. This isn't meant to be read alone, it's a link which you or your users can use to integrate into a blog reader, such as Google Reader. RSS feeds allow your users to be notified of new content on your site without visiting your site, so they will keep coming back to visit.


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