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Emoticon Management

Emoticons, commonly referred to as smilies, allow your community's users to insert custom faces and icons into their posts.

Some examples of emoticons:
:thumbsup: Posted Image :ike:

The emoticons management screen can be accessed by clicking the Emoticon Management button under the Post Content section of the Look & Feel tab.

Emoticons are separated into "folders" or "groups" - each skin is associated with an emoticons folder. So you can have different images representing the same emoticon in different skins.
For example, on a light skin you might want [ilc]: )[/ilc] to display as the normal smile icon, while on a dark skin, you might want it to display as a darker icon.

[doctitle]Adding Emoticons Folders[/doctitle]

IP.Board comes with one emoticons folder which is referred to as "default" - you can add new folders by pressing the "Create New Folder" on the manage emoticons page - simply enter the folder name and it will be created. New folders you add will be created as children of the default folder - so unless you otherwise modify an emoticon within them, they will inherit emoticons from the default folder.

[doctitle]Managing Emoticons[/doctitle]

[docnote]Any changes you make to emoticons will not affect existing posts. For example, if there are posts with the Posted Image emoticon in and you delete it - those posts will continue to show the Posted Image icon, but it won't be available in future posts.[/docnote]

To edit the emoticons in any folder, simply click on the folder name. Remember, if you are managing the default folder, your changes will be carried across any other folders.

On this page you will see two sections: "Assigned Emoticons" and "Unassigned Emoticons". The former are emoticons which are active and available to your community, while the latter are available, but not currently available on the community.
To make an "Unassigned Emoticon" active, simply check the "Add?" checkbox next to it, and press the "Add Checked Emoticons" button. You can also press the "Add All Emoticons" button to add them all.
To remove an assigned emoticon, press the "Delete" icon next to it.

The "activation text" refers to what a user may type into their post to use the emoticon (for example, to display Posted Image, users type in [ilc]:-)[/ilc] ).
To change the activation text for an emoticon, simply edit the contents of the textbox below it to the desired activation text and press the "Update emoticons" button.

Emoticons are separated into "clickable" and "Not clickable" - when you are making a post and press the emoticons button, the "clickable" emoticons are what are shown. Users can then press the "Show all" button to see both the "clickable" and "not clickable" emoticons, or users can enter the "activation text" for any emoticon in their post to use it.
To toggle an emoticon as clickable or nor clickable - simply check of uncheck the "Clickable?" box and press the "Update emoticons" button.

[doctitle]Adding Emoticons[/doctitle]

On the emoticons management page, you will notice four upload boxes - you can use these to upload new emoticons.
Simply select the files from your computer, select the "Upload?" checkboxes for the folders they should be uploaded to (the default folder will be checked by default) and press the "Upload emoticons into checked folders" button.
The emoticons will be added as "Unassigned emoticons" - so you will have to then go into the emoticons folder and add them.

If you wish to upload more than four emoticons - you can upload them using an FTP client to the public/style_emoticons/*/ folder, where * is the name of an emoticons folder. They will then automatically be available as "Unassigned emoticons".


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