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Importing / Exporting Skins

The skinning system in IP.Board allows you to easily import new skins to your forum, and also to export skins easily for sharing with others.

To access the skin import and export functions of your board, visit the Import/Export section of the Look&Feel tab.


You can import skins under the "Import" tab.
To find hundreds of new skins for your community, check out the IPS Marketplace.

The Import tab is separated into three sections:
Import Skin Set, Import Image Set and Import Replacements. Each of these sections allow you to import the relevant xml files that make up a skin.

The skin you will be importing will have one file for each of these, although some skins will not include a replacements file.
  • The "Image Set" filename will start with "images-".
  • The "Replacements" filename will start with "replacements-".
  • The "Skin Set" filename will be the other file.

To upload a new skin, simply upload each of these 3 files to your board. We recommend that you import the "Skin Set" file first, then, make sure when importing the images and replacements that you select the skin that you imported from the dropdown.

Exporting Skins

If you have created a skin, or customized the default skin, you can export your skin so that you can distribute it, apply it to other communities or just create a backup.
This is done under the "Export" tab.

Just like the Import tab there are three sections, each one needs exporting so that the images, HTML, and CSS are all properly exported. If packaging these into a skin for distribution, you should place all three XML files into one folder, and create a .zip of the folder for easy distribution.
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