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[docnote]These features are intended for advanced users, and most users will not need to enable them. If you suspect an issue with your board and are not comfortable trying to debug it yourself, please contact support. [/docnote]
Developer Mode

IP.Board contains a unique feature called "Developer Mode" which allows you to have more control over the functionality of your board, in order to ease development of applications. To enable your board for development mode, follow these steps for setting your board in dev.

IP.Board also contains a special debug mode, which you can enable by following these steps: IPSDebug info.

Debugging Tasks

IP.Board's system scheduler runs some tasks automatically, in the background, which can sometimes be difficult to diagnose when a task is not functioning properly. To debug tasks, please refer to this developer article: debugging tasks.

Debug Mode
Debug Mode is a setting which can be enabled via the General Configuration settings group in the Tools & Settings area of your ACP. With "Debug Mode" enabled, the footer of your board will display server output information, which looks something like this:
Exec. Time: 0.2234 Load: 0.20 · Queries: 8 queries · Gzip: GZIP Enabled
There are three different levels of debug mode, which can be helpful when building applications or customizations. Most users will never need to enable debug mode.

  • Show server load, page generation times and query count. This level of debug mode will show basic load information in your board's footer.
  • Show level 1 (above) and GET and POST information. This level will show all of the form information that is sent and received between your server and your community.
  • Show level 1 + 2 and database queries. This level will show all database queries made on each page. It is a security risk to leave this enabled, as private information could be exposed, so for security reasons we do not suggest using this level on a live community.


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