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Upgrading IP.Content

Part of your licensing benefits means that, provided your license is still active, one of our support technicians will upgrade your software at no extra charge to the latest version on request. The same holds true for IPS Community Hosting services. If you would like to take advantage of this, visit the client area and submit a support ticket for assistance.

  • Upgrading will cause any edits you have made to the source files to be overwritten. IPS discourages source-file edits for this reason.
  • If you are performing a major upgrade (i.e. 2.3.x to 2.4.x) and you are using any custom skins or hooks, please check before you upgrade that the new version will be compatible with your skin. If you are performing a minor upgrade (for example, 2.4.1 to 2.4.2) then installed skins and hooks are normally not impacted. If in doubt check with the third party involved.

[doctitle]Step One: Backup[/doctitle]

We strongly suggest before you begin the upgrade process that you back up all of your files and database. Your hosting provider should provide you with tools to do this if you are not sure how.

[docwarning]You really should backup first. If, for whatever reason, your upgrade fails our technicians will most likely request you restore from backup so they can proceed from a fresh start.[/docwarning]

Backing up is a good exercise whenever you are installing or upgrading anything. A few extra minutes can save a lot of pain later

[doctitle]Step Two: Downloading[/doctitle]

You can download your software from the client area. Once logged in, select "Purchases" from the left-side menu and download the latest version of IP.Content by clicking on the download button.

Once downloaded, unzip the file and it will contain at least an "upload" folder, and possibly "Documentation" and/or "Tools", depending which package you're looking at.

[doctitle]Step Three: Uploading[/doctitle]

[docnote]If you have renamed your admin directory, you should rename the admin folder in the "upload" directory to whatever you have renamed it to on your IP.Board installation. If you are not sure, you should assume that you have not renamed the directory and can ignore this instruction.[/docnote]

The destination of the files will be the same as that of IP.Board. If you uploaded IP.Board to /forum then you should upload the IP.Content files there as well.

Using your FTP client, upload the the contents of the "upload" folder in the expanded zip archive you downloaded. You need to upload all the contents of the upload folder/directory as expanded.

[warnbox]For IP.Content you may set your FTP client to auto mode which is usually fine.[/warnbox]

[doctitle]Step Four: Upgrading[/doctitle]

You should now run the upgrade file from within your AdminCP by navigating to 'Manage Applications & Modules' on the left hand navigation and clicking on 'Upgrade Available' alongside IP.Content.

Attached Image: upgrade_content.png

You will then be asked for your admin login details for security reasons. Once logged in click Next. On the next screen ensure that all the System Requirements have been met. Click Next. Select the box alongside IP.Content to upgrade this application and click Next. You may leave the next screen as default, and click 'Start Upgrade...'

The upgrade should automatically proceed through each screen on each step, until it concludes. If it fails to complete due to an error, making a note of the contents of the screen will assist our technicians in their fault finding.

Once the upgrade is complete you may return to your community.

You may wish to review your settings for IP.Content for your members by navigating within the AdminCP to 'System Settings -> IPS Apps -> IP.Content Settings / IP.Content Articles / IP.Content Advanced Settings' especially if upgrading from an older version of IP.Content.

[doctitle]Further Assistance[/doctitle]
Should you require further assistance please either contact support via your client area or make a new topic and ask in the Technical Support forum for IP.Content.
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