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Use IP.Content outside your forum directory

IP.Content can be used to serve pages from outside of your forum directory, including (but not limited to) serving pages from your document root. That means you can have your forums at domain.com/forums and still have your IP.Content homepage(s) served at domain.com/.

To do this, first you will need to upload the "index.php" that you will find in your IP.Content download under the Tools/ folder to the folder on your server where you want IP.Content to serve pages from. For instance, this might be in /home/youraccount/public_html/ on many webservers. Next, you will need to open this index.php file in your favorite text editor, such as Notepad, and edit the following path at the top of the file:

$path_to_ipb	= './forums/';

If your forums happen to be in a /forums/ folder relative to this index.php file, you do not need to make any changes. Otherwise, update the path appropriately, so that it matches the directory on your webserver to your forums. More information on this change can be found in the Tools/README.txt file included in the download.

Next, you will need to login to your ACP and visit the Advanced Settings page of the IP.Content area, found under My Apps. You will need to configure the first setting (URL to index.php) appropriately based on where you have uploaded the index.php file. You can also rename index.php if necessary (e.g. you could rename index.php to "home.php", leaving your existing index page in place on your server). If you do, be sure to update the second setting on this Advanced Settings page. Lastly, you can optionally enable mod_rewrite for IP.Content, which will allow you to change the URL from


to the more appropriate and expected url of


You must be sure that your server supports mod_rewrite to use this setting. Save your configuration selection by clicking Update Settings at the bottom of the screen. If you enabled mod_rewrite for IP.Content, be sure to click the "Download .htaccess file" button at the top of the screen, and upload this file to the same folder that you uploaded the custom index.php file to.

Afterwards, you should be able to access pages through the gateway index.php file.You can verify this by visiting the "Pages" area and clicking on the "visit" button Attached Image: page_go.png to verify the URL structure is working.


Marcher Technologies
Jul 14 2011 07:47 AM
A few More usages for possible setups
<pre class="prettyprint">
$path_to_ipb = '../forums/';</pre>
IPC at www.example.com/content/
IPB at www.example.com/forums/
this is basically telling it to look one directory up from current for the relevant directory.
<pre class="prettyprint">$path_to_ipb = '../';</pre>

IPC at www.example.com/content/
IPB at www.example.com/
This one is telling it to just go up one directory for the ipb index.php.
While setting this up, you may also want to tidy up the URL's for the Articles database

Open and edit:

I changed my FURL marker to this:

if( !defined('DATABASE_FURL_MARKER') )
define( 'DATABASE_FURL_MARKER', 'news' );

So now all my articles show as:

Instead of the default:


Hint: Make sure the FURL marker is something unique.

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