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Incoming Email

IP.Nexus uses incoming email piping so that members of your community can send email to your domain name which will be interpreted by IP.Nexus. This feature is currently used in the support tickets feature of IP.Nexus, so that members can send an email to your board and a support ticket is created or replied to.

There are two methods for checking incoming email, Piping, and POP3.
  • Piping: This is the preferred method. Emails will come through instantly. However, you must have a server which supports this - check with your hosting provider if you're not sure (This is the method you should use on IPS Hosting).
  • POP3: This method allows you poll a POP3 Email account for messages. This method requires you to set up a cron job on your server to manually poll the email account. Your hosting will need support for POP3 email accounts, the ability to run cron jobs, and have CURL installed. Please check with your hosting provider if you are not sure.


In order for piping to properly work, you will need to enable writable permissions on the /interface/email/piping.php file. Usually, this is CHMOD 777 or 755 - contact your hosting provider if you aren't sure.

Next, you will need to set up your server to pipe incoming Emails to that file. How to set this up varies depending on the kind of server you have and the software installed.

Setting Up Piping on cPanel hosting

If your hosting control panel is cPanel, select the "Add Forwarders" feature.
Attached Image: cpanel.jpg

Fill in the Email address that you want users to send the Emails to, such as support@yourdomain.com or sales@yourdomain.com and then click "Advanced Options »" and select the "Pipe to a Program:" option.

You will need to enter the full path to the /interface/email/piping.php source file in your IP.Board directory. This will usually be something like /"home/[username]/public_html/interface/email/piping.php".

If you are not sure, you should contact your hosting provider.


In the DirectAdmin control panel, select "Forwarders" under the "Email Management" area.
Attached Image: 2011-06-28_1206.png
Setup the forwarder to forward mail to "| php -q /home/[username]/public_html/interface/email/piping.php" - note that you may need to include the quotes in your request. If you experience issues, contact your hosting provider.

Other Control Panels

If you are using software other than is listed here, you will need to contact your hosting provider for assistance. You should tell them that they need to set incoming Emails to be piped to the /interface/email/piping.php source file in your IP.Board directory.

[doctitle]Setting Up POP3[/doctitle]
You first need to make sure that POP3 is enabled and supported by your email provider.
Once you have done this, you will need to fill in and configure the POP3 login information in IP.Nexus. This can be configured via the "Settings" option under the IP.Nexus menu in the My Apps dropdown
Attached Image: 2011-06-28_1208.png

Next, once you confirm that POP3 information is correct and working, you need to setup the cron job to automatically import the emails. Open the System Scheduler and select the cron information for the POP3 Import.
Attached Image: 2011-06-28_1215.png

Add this cron job to your hosting control panel set to run at an interval you choose. Now, send yourself a test email, wait a few minutes, and check Nexus to see if it's working!


fwiw this worked flawlessly on centos 6.2 64bit with directadmin DirectAdmin 1.41.1 (latest) today

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