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Using Hosting Integration

IP.Nexus supports integration with WHM and CPanel. If you have access to a WHM root or reseller account, you can sell hosting accounts using IP.Nexus.

If you are using a reseller account rather than the root account, your account must have permission to create accounts, and create accounts without a plan.

To enable hosting integration you're going to need to do several things:
  • Configure your settings
  • Create at least one "Server Queue". A Server Queue is a collection of servers. When a user purchases a hosting package, their account will be created on the server in the Server Queue which has the least accounts. Don't worry if you only have one server, you'll just create a Server Queue with one server in it.
  • Add information about your servers to IP.Nexus. For each server, you'll need to have a reseller or root account.
  • Create the Packages that will show up in the store. Each package will have a certain amount of diskspace, bandwidth, etc. so you can create multiple levels. For each Package, you will also specify which Server Queue to use.
Configure Your Settings

Before you do anything else, go to your Admin CP and navigate to Other Apps --> IP.Nexus --> Settings and look at the settings under the "Hosting Settings" header.

Pay particular attention to the "Email address to notify on error" setting - you'll want to enter your email address here so that IP.Nexus can let you know if there's a problem at any point with the hosting integration.

Create the Server Queues

To create your Server Queues, simply go to your Admin CP and navigate to Other Apps --> IP.Nexus --> Hosting Settings --> Queues.
Add as many queues as you like, you don't need to specify any details at this point, just give the Queue a name.

If you have only one server, you'll only want to create one Queue.
On the other hand, if you have lots of servers, and want half to be used for shared hosting, and half to be used as dedicated servers, for example, you'd create 2 Queues - one for each purpose.

Adding your servers

Now navigate to Other Apps --> IP.Nexus --> Hosting Settings --> Servers. Here you will add the information about your servers.

When adding each server, you'll need to specify at least one Queue to place it in - servers can be in multiple Queues. Remember, when an account is created, it will be placed on the server in the queue with the least accounts.

To obtain your CPanel Key:
  • Log into your WHM account on the server.
  • Click "Setup Remote Access Key"
  • Click "Generate New Key"
  • Copy and paste this key exactly as it appears into IP.Nexus.

Pay particular attention to the "Maximum number of accounts" setting - remember that if there are no servers in a Queue which have available space when an account is trying to be created, it will fail.

Creating your Packages

Finally, you'll set up some Packages. This is just like creating a normal Package, from Other Apps --> IP.Nexus --> Store Settings --> Packages. When you click "Add Package", make sure you click "Hosting Package" and then set up the Package as normal.

You'll notice a slightly different step in setting up the Package to what you're probably used to. This will ask which Server Queue should be used for the Package, and the various account privileges that accounts created by this Package should have.

Note that if you create all of your Packages in one group, you can configure the "Upgrade/Downgrade" option to allow customers to move between Packages without your intervention.
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