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Locking skins to browsers or search engines

Locking skins to browsers is already done by default in IP.Board, the lofi skin is set to display if an iPhone, iPod Touch or Blackberry loads your site.

You can configure this by going to Admin CP --> Look & Feel. For the skin you wish to map, select the “Manage User Agent Mapping” from the drop-down menu. You then simply need to check the boxes for which browsers should be locked to that skin and press “Save” at the bottom. For example, if I wanted Google to use the lo-fi skin, I would go to the “Manage User Agent Mapping” section for the lo-fi skin, and tick the box beside “Google”. If I wanted to make it so that iPhone users use the default skin rather than being locked to the lo-fi skin, I would untick the box beside “iPhone”.

Advanced users can manage and add detection for user agents by going to Admin CP --> System --> User Agent Management.


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