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Server Transfers with SSH access

This guide will take you through the steps required to successfully move your IP.Board from one server to another where you have SSH access to both servers.

If you are not comfortable performing this yourself, we have a server transfer service available for $80. If you purchase this, one of our technicians will move everything for you. Note that if you are moving to one of our servers, the fee is waived.

If you do not have SSH access to the servers, you should follow these instructions instead.

Part One: Preparation

1) First of all, you should turn your board offline to prevent users from adding content during the transfer.

2) You should ensure that your new server meets the requirements for IP.Board. Our requirements, along with a script which can check those requirements can be found here.

3) You should check what the MySQL version is for your current server, and what it is for your new server - your host will be able to provide this information for you if you are unsure what versions you have.
If the version for the new server is newer than the old server, then you should be okay. If it is older, you will need to perform a compatibility backup when you get to step 5.

4) Connect via SSH to both the source and destination servers. This is done by opening your command line (or Terminal if you're on a Mac) and running the following command:


You will be prompted for a password.
After you are logged in, you should navigate to the directory containing your forums directory. You can use the "ls" command to list all files in your current directory, and "cd folder" to change to a different folder.

Part Two: Downloading Data

5) Create a backup your database by running the following SSH command:

mysqldump -uUSERNAME -pPASSWORD DATABASE_NAME > backup.sql

If you have determined in step 3 that a compatibility backup is required, add "--compatible" to the command.

You may also want to compress the backup using this command:

gzip backup.sql

Once the backup has been created, download it via FTP. It will be called "backup.sql.gz" and be in the folder your forums are in (or whatever folder you navigated to in step 4)

6) Create an archive of your files using this command (replace "public_html" with whatever the directory is called. It must be in your current directory that you navigated to in step 4):

tar -cf public_html.tar public_html

And then compress it with this command:

gzip public_html.tar

Using FTP, download the created file (in our example, it would be called public_html.tar.gz).

Part Three: Uploading Data

7) Create a blank database on your new server, note the username, password and database name.

8) Upload and import your database.
You will first need to unzip it with this command:

gunzip backup.sql.gz

And then import it by running the following commands one at a time - fill in the blanks with the database details you created in step 7:



source backup.sql

9) Upload the tar.gz file you downloaded in step 6 to your new server. Then uncompress with the following command:

tar -xf public_html.tar.gz

Part Four: Final Steps

10) If you are keeping the same URL, transfer your domain to the new server. Your new host and domain name provider will be able to provide assistance with this. Note that it will likely take up to 24 hours for the domain name to fully propagate.

11) On the new server, open the conf_global.php and fill in your new database details as created in step 6. The particular variables you need to edit are:

12) In your Admin CP, go to the "Support" tab and select "Permissions Checker" - fix any problems it reports.

13) In your Admin CP, go to the "System" tab and select "System Settings" - go to the "General Configuration" group and change the "Upload path" and "Upload URL" as required.
If you use IP.Blog, Gallery or Downloads - you should also go into their respective settings and change any relevant paths.

14) In your Admin CP, go to the "System" tab and select "Cache Management" - press the "Recache All" button.

15) In your Admin CP, go to the "Look & Feel" tab and select "Template Tools" - press the "Recache Skin Sets" button.

16) Check you can access your board, and if so, turn it back online.


Should you experience problems, you can contact our support technicians via the client area.


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