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Setting up Incoming Email

IP.Board supports receiving incoming Emails. Currently this is only used by IP.Nexus to support receiving support requests via Email.

There are two methods available:
  • Piping
    This is strongly recommended. Emails will come through instantly. You must have a server which supports this - check with your hosting provider if you're not sure (IPS Hosting Accounts support this method).
  • POP3
    This method allows you poll a POP3 Email account for messages. This method requires you to set up a CRON job on your server (check with your hosting provider if you're not sure if this is possible), for you to have the EMail account set up with POP3 support (through a provider such as GMail) and for your server to have CURL installed (check with your hosting provider if you're not sure).


The first thing you will need to do is set the permissions on the /interface/email/piping.php file to be executable by everyone (CHMOD 777). If you are not sure how to do this, you should contact your hosting provider.
(NOTE: On a server running suPHP, that may have to be set to 755 rather than 777.)
Next, you will need to set up your server to pipe incoming Emails to that file. How to set this up varies depending on the kind of server you have and the software installed.


If you use CPanel, log in and select the "Forwarders" link, then click the "Add Forwarder" button. You will see a page that looks like this:
Attached Image: cpanel.jpg

Fill in the Email address that you want users to send the Emails to, then click "Advanced Options »" and select the "Pipe to a Program:" option.
You will need to enter the full path to the /interface/email/piping.php source file in your IP.Board directory. This will usually be something like /"home/[username]/public_html/interface/email/piping.php". If you are not sure, you should contact your hosting provider.

Once you save your changes, Email should be sent to IP.Board correctly.


If you are using software other than is listed here, you will need to contact your hosting provider for assistance. You should tell them that they need to set incoming Emails to be piped to the /interface/email/piping.php source file in your IP.Board directory.
Some mail servers will adjust the "To" information in the email as part of their routing. If you are not receiving incoming emails properly, add a space followed by the email address you're piping to the path you pipe the email to.
For example, if you're piping "sales@example.com", and the emails are not being received, instead of piping to:
Try piping to:
/home/example/public_html/interface/email/piping.php sales@example.com


First of all you will need to enable POP with your Email provider. How to do this depends on your Email provider.

In your Admin CP, go to System --> System Settings --> IPS Apps --> IP.Nexus. There is a section labelled "POP3 Mail".
Attached Image: pop3 settings.jpg
Fill in these settings with the values provided by your Email provider.

You can now check that the settings you filled in are working okay. In your Admin CP, go to System --> Incoming Email Rules. You should now see a button that says "Test POP3".
Attached Image: test pop.jpg
When you click this, you should see a message saying the test was successful. If not, there is an error connecting to your POP account, and Emails will not be retrieved. You should contact technical support for advise on how to resolve this.

Now, you need to set up your server to pull the Emails. In your Admin CP, go to System --> System Scheduler and locate the task labelled "POP3 Incoming Email" - it should be disabled. For this task, click the CRON icon.
Attached Image: cron icon.jpg
You should now see a popup appear with the command which should be added to your crontab file. If you're not sure how to do this, copy and paste the command and give it to your hosting provider asking that they add a CRON job for it.

The Email address specified as the Outgoing Email in Admin CP --> System Settings --> Email Setup is what IP.Board uses when sending EMails. You should ensure this Email address is being piped or polled via POP3 so that replies to system Emails are handled correctly



Just as a note some cpanel installations already have the /home/[username] so all needed to be entered is "public_html/interface/email/piping.php"
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