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Setting up IP.Chat

Ordering IP.Chat

You can purchase IP.Chat from the client area at invisionpower.com/customer under the "New Purchase" section.

Once you have purchased IP.Chat, go to the "Your Purchases" section of the client area and select your chat package.
You will see a section titled "Associate Forum" - from here you should select the IP.Board license or hosting account that you will be using IP.Chat with.

Installing IP.Chat

Go to Admin CP --> System --> Manage Applications and Modules. If you see "Chat Services" in your installed applications list, uninstall it by selecting "Remove Application" from the dropdown.

Once this is done, you can download and install IP.Chat just like a normal application.

For more information on installing applications, see this article.
For more information on configuring IP.Chat, see this article.
For information on using IP.Chat, see this article.


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