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Customizing favicon.ico

If you wish to change the favicon that the forum uses, which is the small icon to the left of the URL in your browser address bar.. These are the steps..

1) You need a file to use as the favicon. http://www.favicon.cc/ will allow you to generate one.

2) Rename that file to something like customicon.ico

3) Upload the file to the forum root directory.

4) Verify that you can see the file, and it's the right file: http://www.yoursite.com/customicon.ico

5) If that works, open your forum, go to ACP->Look and Feel->Manage Templates & CSS->globalTemplate and find

		<link rel="shortcut icon" href='<if test="$this->registry->output->isHTTPS">{$this->settings['board_url_https']}<else />{$this->settings['board_url']}</if>/favicon.ico' />

Change favicon.ico in that to customicon.ico

		<link rel="shortcut icon" href='<if test="$this->registry->output->isHTTPS">{$this->settings['board_url_https']}<else />{$this->settings['board_url']}</if>/customicon.ico' />

Save and update the template.

That's it.. Now, getting a new favicon to take effect can be a pain. I recommend removing any bookmarks to your site.. Refreshing the page using Ctrl-F5.. But, that's all you have to do

The advantage to doing this rather than just replacing the favicon.ico file is that it will remain in place through upgrades.
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Or you can just name your file 'favicon.ico' and copy it into the root folder. Refresh the page a couple of times and it's there.
Yes, but as you note in the last line above, the changes described are designed to last through upgrades (e.g. when you upload a new favicon.ico from our default package it won't overwrite your custom one).

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